And it begins..The Kapaleeshwarar temple

Our first trip to be recorded.The Kapaleeshwarar temple is located in Mylapore, Chennai, TamilNadu. The main deity here is Lord Shiva( worshipped as Kapaleeshwarar) and Goddess  Parvathi (Karpagambal).

Now we started very early in the morning at about 6:00 a.m to avoid the notorious city traffic and the hordes of devotees that would the throng the temple during the peak hours.And Boy Were We Successful!! Rode on our motorbike for about an hour (travelled almost 40 kms.) and arrived at the temple all refreshed after the bike ride to find it pristine and peaceful. The temple and its Gopurams had just been renovated and painted and had had its Kumbabishekam (the ceremonial re-opening of the temple gates after the restoration work).

We entered the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva . It was absolutely mesmerising to see the Lingam in only the light of the oil lamps. Surrounding the inner sanctum were the statues of the 63 Nayanmars ( devout Shiva saints) all slick and shiny because they had just been polished and bathed in fragrant oils. The one detail we found was that there are three female Nayanars (as they are also called) among the 63. Cool huh?! As we exit Shiva’s sanctum the portico has four huge ornately carved pillars , all recently touched up looking flawless and ethereal.

We then entered the Goddess Karpagambal’s inner sanctum.Her sanctum has numerous beams going through right above your head (very easy to miss) which had so many mysterious characters carved like huge snakes, crocodiles. I wonder what significance those carvings hold!

So now it is mandatory to eat some Prasadam if you are in a temple in india.We were surprised to find that you to buy some for yourself as opposed to most of the temples where they provide you small quantities of Prasadam  for free. By the way Prasadam is food placed the a deity’s feet and blessed.It didn’t even taste that good! [:/] Prasadam always tastes Divine Period! But we still devoured it anyway as we were famished from all the travelling and we hadn’t had any breakfast.After the mini meal we strolled out of the temple compound , clicked some mandatory selfies and left for Santhome beach just a few meters away.On our way there we passed the Santhome Church ,which I had seen for the first time and found it be Exquisite! Standing white and tall! Strolled on the beach for awhile while the sun mercilessly beat down on us.Clicked a few pics . And off we went back home on our motorbike carelessly wading through the notorious traffic which we did finally experience. Was ok.



This is me staring at the gopuram. 😀


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