Belum caves- The Indian subcontinent’s second largest cave. Photo Essay-1.

Please Note: So this was a trip taken by Husband and his friends. Hence a Photo Essay.

Day 1. The Belum caves and Gandikota are appoximately 400 kilometers from Chennai which was one of the primary conditions to be fulfilled, for me to convince my friends to take the trip. A place situated at a distance of not more than 400 km from home and car to be the means of transport. Not  MOTORBIKE. After much brainstorming and many proposals and rejections, Belum caves and Gandikota won. Hands down.

8 people, after many discussions, planning, trepidation started from Chennai in 2 cars at 6:15 a.m and reached Belum caves, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh around 2:30 p.m. Excitement evident in our faces 😀 .
The word ‘cave’ had conjured a myriad of images in all of our minds. I have been to an underground cave before but this was a first for many in this group. The sight of the eerie cavern was awe-inspiring for ALL of us, nonetheless.
When all the selfie-experts gave up clicking due to lowlight and surrendered to my DSLR. Clicked without a tripod. Mastered the art of stacking rocks for a makeshift tripod.
The vortex of stalactites.
One of the many halls and passages. Everyone of these halls were named, which I failed to note in my picture-clicking frenzy!
The structures that have defied time. Time and again.
One of my favourite pictures. THE STOIC 8. Lack of oxygen and the long winding paths had left us panting and breathless. Yet we put on our brave faces for the camera.
The apple of the lens’ eye.


The caves superbly maintained by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism department. The caves had good lighting and air-blowers to facilitate circulation of air within. Kudos to the government!


Bidding goodbye to Belum caves with a smile on our faces and content hearts.
Greeted by the mighty Buddha after exiting the great depths of the earth.


The Map. Only 1.5 kilometres of the cave is allowed access to the tourists of the total 3.5 kilometres.




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